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"Museum is the place where time is transferred into space". Likewise, MIT has a great timeline starting from 1949. Many heroes were born, many legends were shaped,many achievements were created in MIT. When one finds some new problem, then the history will always have a solution for it! The path everyone walks in are already travelled by many before. This is the importance of preserving history. And, it cannot be forgotten that today's news is the tomorrow's history. So the main motto of this Museum team would be "Preserving and recording the history". Hence as a part of it, we will try to keep all MITians stay updated with current major events going on at MIT.


Vision and Mission

  • MIT MUSEUM portrays the pride of MIT through its displays, wall hangings, photos, videos, models, etc. MIT Museum is an organization acting as a bridge between MIT alumni and the current students.

  • MIT MUSEUM strives to bring back the MIT culture which are extinct or which are in the brink of extinction. MIT museum strives to educate people inside MIT about the prestige and culture of the MITians who achieved great and attained top positions.

  • MIT MUSEUM tries to make students understand that MITians are/were stronger than others in all aspects such as studies, sports, extracurricular activities like dance, variety, dramas etc.

  • MIT MUSEUM also provides opportunities for the current students to interact with the alumni to enhance their knowledge, to shine in their placement/career, to glow brightly in their next 40 years of real life situations.

  • MIT MUSEUM extracts the experience of the present students for the juniors to follow.

  • MIT MUSEUM was started in March 2011 and continues to act as an individual body.

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